Pamela Perez
Pamela Perez is a New York University graduate who began her reporting career in sunny South Florida, at the Sun-Sentinel Community News. There, she covered corrupt county politics and those elusive gated communities. The volatile atmosphere among elected officials and neighbors eventually inspired her to become a crime reporter.
 In 2000, she became a public-safety reporter at The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2003, she became a metro reporter for The Palm Beach Post, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Stepping into the trenches has included being chased with a pickax; getting her flip-flops scorched while covering a forest fire; and being assigned to cover a Ku Klux Klan rally. And that, all occurred on a slow news day. Despite her meanderings, her experiences have convinced her that every story is part of a journey meant to lead a person back home. As the new calendar editor in Little Neck for Patch, Pam now looks forward to helping residents arrange their weekly social agenda and celebrate personal milestones in our “announcements” section. She invites you all to send along any suggestions, tips and news items for the calendar via my e-mail or phone.              
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