Safety Tips for Freezing Temperatures

Here are some tips for staying safe during this upcoming week's extremely cold weather.

In case you somehow hadn’t noticed, it’s pretty cold out there and it doesn’t look as if it’s going to warm up anytime soon.

According to the weather forecast for the upcoming week, the warmest it’s going to get during the next week is 31 degrees. And the coldest? Two degrees.

So, the city’s Department of Health has provided some safety tips for the frigid days to come.

The DOH has warned that extremely cold temperatures can be especially dangerous for seniors, infants, people with chronic cardiovascular or lung conditions and those with mental illness or cognitive impairments.

The agency’s tips include:

1. Avoid driving during times of heavy snowfall and blowing snow conditions.

2. Stay indoors as much as possible.

3. Report any loss of heat or hot water to property managers and call 311.

4. If your home lacks heat, get to a warm place and wear extra layers of dry, loose-fitting clothing, hats and gloves.

5. Never use a gas stove to heat your home.

6. Do not use a kerosene or propane space heater, charcoal grill or generator indoors or near the home.

7. If a carbon monoxide detector goes off in your home, call 911, quickly open a nearby window and go outside for fresh air immediately.

8. When outdoors, wear warm clothing and cover exposed skin.

9. Seniors should take extra care outdoors to avoid slips and falls from icy conditions.

10. Check on neighbors, friends and relatives.

11. If you need a prescription filled, do so before temperatures drop.


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