Bayside 10-Yr.-Olds to Head to Regionals After Winning District 26 Championship

Team defeats Forest Hills Bombers to advance on the road toward World Series.

The Bayside Little League 10-Year-Olds are advancing to the Little League regionals after having recently defeated the Forest Hills Bombers for the District 26 championship.

The team, which is made up of players ages 10 and below, bested the Bombers 6-1 last weekend.

The Bayside team will now play in the one-game elimination sectionals next week, said Robert Reid, District 26’s chairman.

“They are thrilled,” Reid said of the team. “And we can’t wait to take the next step.”

If the Bayside team wins the sectional game, it could move on to the state, eastern district and, eventually, World Series, championships.

“You have to work your way up the ladder,” Reid said. “But it gets pretty competitive at this point.”

Coach John Callahan said the team won the game during a 90-degree day, so he took the players out for ice cream after their victory.

The game’s big bats were by John Callahan, Jr., Savvas Papadopoulos, Aristo Pagiatakis, Kevin O’Connor and Justin Paz.

The team’s first game in the sectionals will take place on July 12, but the location is yet to be decided.

This afternoon, Bayside and Forest Hills will once again face off in the district’s 12-year-old league. The game begins at 5:30 p.m. at Crocheron Park.

If Bayside wins, then the district would send two teams to regional championships.


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