Should the Cell Phone Ban Be Lifted?

Cast your vote in Patch's poll on whether children should be able to carry phones to school.

Parents across the city are starting to ask a question as summer break continues in New York: why can't my child bring their cell phone into a public school?

The New York Times wrote this week that a vast majority of City Council members have signed a letter urging Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to lift the long time ban on phones in schools. 

As cell phones have evolved into smart phones, PDA's, and other devices that are intimately intwined with our lives, it's certainly a question worth considering. What was once a device just for connecting with friends and loved ones has become a tiny electronic repository for every thought, appointment and crucial piece of information. 

Some council members have also argued that the ban is discriminatory, because it is reportedly more stringently enforced at schools with metal detectors and in low-income neighborhoods.

Should students be without their dearly-held technology throughout the school day? Is it a distraction from the learning process? Or is it a violation of a student's basic right to connect with their friends and families?

Barrie Gellis July 06, 2012 at 04:22 PM
I believe the cell phone ban should definitely be lifted. Kids need them to keep in touch with parents and call them if they need help or will be late coming home. In emergency situations, both in and out of school, they can be of great help and use. That said, students should not take them put during class--except for emergencies; and the phones should be confiscated and returned directly to a parent onlyIF the student abuses his cell phone and uses it in class to talk, pla games, text, and so firth--potentially disturbing the class while enabling his lack of paying attention to the lesson.
Harriet Brown July 07, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I believe that the cell phone ban should be lifted, but the kids should keep their cell phones in their back packs, turned off. They should be available for emergencie4s.
Mike Klubok July 09, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Both Barrie and Harriet make great points that in an emergency whether in or out of school kids need their cell phones to get in touch with a parent. Parents would like to know if their child will be late in coming home as well. Being able to find a payphone is no longer an option as there are very few around these days. While in school the phones need to be turned off however. The cell phone ban is a ban that needs to be lifted.


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