Controversial Teacher Evaluations Released

Performance rankings released for teachers at city schools, including P.S. 221 North Hills, P.S. 94 and J.H.S. 67.

Despite the best efforts of the United Federation of Teachers, media outlets have prevailed under law in procuring individual teacher evaluations.

As School Book reports, the performance rankings of 18,000 4th through 8th grade public school teachers were released to media outlets who had sued for the information.

The data, compiled by the Department of Education, is variable and far from perfect, with high margins of error that are individually assessed per teacher. They are based on state math and English tests.

Here is the ranking for Little Neck's P.S. 221 North Hills, P.S. 94 and J.H.S. 67 Louis Pasteur as listed in the New York Post.

You will undoubtedly have questions about these evaluations, for which we refer you to FAQs answered on School Book.

To read retired educator Michael Feiner's take on these scores, .


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