For First Time In 11 Years, Bayside High Varsity Basketball Beat Cardozo

The Cardozo Judges had been a 22-game winning streak against the Bayside High Commodores.

The Giants aren't the only local team to come off a big win.

The recently beat Cardozo's Judges .

After being defeated by the Judges the , the Commodores rose to the challenge and broke an 11-year losing streak against their rivals during the Jan. 31st game.

The 55-26 upset proved not only to be a continuation in the Commodores' 10-game winning streak this season, but a turning point for the team's place in the Queens AA Division, in which the team is now ranked in the top spot.

Being in first place brings the Commodores the opportunity to play in the Division Finals, at St. John's University, as well as the chance to be invited to participate in tournaments at Madison Square Garden later this year.


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