Is The M.S. 158 Beacon School Worth The Price Per Child?

The Beacon Program at M.S. 158 costs an estimated $334,000 per year.

As we reported yesterday, the Dept. of Youth and Community Development plans to program at .

Approximately 300 middle and 74 elementary school students from the area use the program for tutoring and enrichment, according to District 26 Official Kim D'Angelo. The site also runs a summer camp that many use as an alternative to private camp.

Working parents, , also rely on the program for child care. But the DYCD is short $2.1 million, and will be cutting seven Beacon schools across the city to make up of the shortfall.

Councilman Dan Halloran's office estimates that the Bayside program costs about $334,000 to run each year, or approximately $893.04 per child that uses the service.

We want to know if you think the program is worth saving at that price.

And if so, which other programs funded by taxpayer grants would you take from to keep it running?

Roseann Henry April 29, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Why is this a strict yes/no question? Aren't there alternatives to a free program that includes adult fishing and basketball? Why not consider paring back to just student programs for outside of school hours? Why not a sliding scale, or a modest fee for all? Why must this be all or nothing?


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