Proposed Bill Would Ban Eating in Subways

Legislation aims to discourage rats and litter by banning food in subway trains and stations.

Subway riders may have to rethink that morning bagel on the train, if a proposed bill to ban eating in the subway passes, says the New York Post.

Proposed by Senator Bill Perkins, D-Manhattan, the ban on subway eating hopes to discourage rats and litter from stations, says the report. A fine of up to $250 would be handed out to straphangers found snacking on any train, platform, or shop throughout the city’s transit system. The Post says that money from the fines would go towards a litter-prevention fund.

Is banning all eating on subway trains and platforms practical at all, or is it simply necessary if it means cutting down on riders who treat the train like their dining room?

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Mike February 01, 2012 at 07:20 PM
New Yorkers are pigs! And there's alot more in Queens! Politicans are affarid to say it out loud.. I come back to Queens from time to time, and can't believe how much of a dump it's turned out to be..And it dosen't get that way by it's self, It's the class of people who live there now...Sorry!


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