New Marist Poll Leaves Room for Turner

When asked, 35 percent of respondents said they were unsure of Gillibrand.

Marist College has released their latest polling data, and while the news isn't great for U.S. Rep. Bob Turner, R-Forest Hills, there is definitely a ray of light there.

In the polling, 42 percent of respondents across the state said they were planning to vote for U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., in the fall. Just less than one quarter of those polled said they would vote against her and 35 percent said they were unsure of their vote in November.

With more than a third of voters across the state undecided, Turner, the leading Republican candidate to take on Gillibrand in the fall, sees an opening.

"Yesterday's Marist Poll proves that Kirsten Gillibrand is beatable and there's a reason why: Since being appointed to the senate by David Paterson, Ms. Gillibrand has veered dangerously to the political left," Turner said in a statement.

He pledged to keep attacking the Democratic senator for her policies and idealogical lean.

"Once her status as the 'Most Liberal senator in America' is made famous, moderate and conservative New York voters, who cherish common sense over ideological politics, will know what to do."

Despite the large number of unsure voters, Gillibrand's numbers have improved since Marist last took the temperature of the electorate three months ago.

For more information, check out the poll here. 


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