MTA Will Shut Down, Bridges May Close During Hurricane

Points from Mayor Bloomberg's Thursday evening press conference on Hurricane Irene.

Mayor Bloomberg, in a press conference on Thursday evening, said that Eastern Queens is within trajectory of the hurricane. Here are some other must-know updates:

  • The entire city will experience a total shut down of MTA service, once winds reach above 39 miles per hour.
  • Bridges will remain open for the time being, but may have to close if winds get so strong that they could blow cars off of them.
  • The city will suspend alternate side parking through the hurricane. Bloomberg encourages people living in low laying coastal zones to move their cars inland, to protect them from water and wind damage.
  • Police presence will also be beefed up.
  • Brooklyn Zone A low-lying areas include Coney Island, an Manhattan Beach. Other Zone A locations across the City include Far Rockaway and Broad Channel, in Queens, South Beach and Midland Beach on Staten Island, and Battery Park City in Manhattan.
  • A decision about mandatory evacuations of these areas will be made by 8 a.m. on Friday.
  • The five hospitals located in these areas must evacuate by 8p.m. tomorrow night. They are in the process of reducing case load, placing patients in other hospitals and cancelling elective surgeries.
  • Anyone who needs to use access-a-ride should do so tomorrow, because Saturday service will be limited.
  • The mayor advises people to stay out of parks, or areas with trees, as winds could cause them to fall.
  • All New Yorkers should create a ‘Go Bag,’ in case they must leave where they are at a moments notice. This ‘go bag’ should contain passports and other forms of ID, essential documents, drinking water, a first aid kit, medications and a flashlight.

To learn if you are located in an evacuation zone, check here. For our guide to preparing yourself and your home for Hurricane Irene, . Stay with Patch for more updates. Last updated Aug. 25, 8:08p.m.

tom murphy August 27, 2011 at 11:34 AM
What about Red Hook & Dumbo & 4th Avenue north and south of Union St? Don't forget to move parked vehicles to higher ground, and not under a tree.


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