Former Gov Paterson Named to MTA Board

The appointment has won the support of Transportation Alternatives.

Former Governor David Paterson has been out of the political spotlight since 2010, but now he will replace Nancy Shevell on the Board of the MTA, according to the New York Daily News.

“I can’t say I really ever imagined this would happen, but this governor has asked, and I’m honored,” Paterson told the Daily News. “It will be quite exciting.”

According to the article, since his tenure as governor of New York, Paterson has hosted a daily talk-radio show on WOR-AM and taught a college class.

Straphanger activist groups, like Transportation Alternatives, are heralding the choice, believing that Paterson knows the plight of city residents and will fight MTA fare hikes.

“With another planned fare hike looming in January 2013, Paterson’s experience as a governor and state senator will prove critical to working with Albany lawmakers to find new funding for our transit system, sparing overburdened New Yorkers yet another fare hike,” said TA’s Executive Director Paul Steely White, in a statement.

According to the Daily News, while governor, Paterson was responsible for a payroll tax on businesses and schools, which helped to fund the MTA.


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