Final Vote Tally Released for 18th District Race

Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, D-Glen Cove, won by 36 votes.

It appears local residents were almost equally split on who they want representing the 18th District in Nassau County Legislature.

The Board of Elections' final vote tally was released Friday, and indicates only a small margin separated Democratic candidate and her Republican opponent, Robert Germino.

DeRiggi-Whitton won by 36 ballots, according to the results. She nabbed just over 50 percent of 12,588 votes cast. This follows a nearly 70-vote turnaround over the course of one month.

“Being given the honor of representing the residents of the 18th district is not something that I take lightly, and you have my sincere promise that I will work diligently,” said DeRiggi-Whitton on Monday, following the .

The following is the final, official vote tally as provided by Germino:

Candidates Votes Percent Precincts Delia DeRiggi-Whitton 6,312 50.14 62 of 62 Robert Germino Jr. 6,276 49.86 62 of 62

In a final election statement, Germino said this race was “probably the closest in the history of the Nassau County Legislature.”

, candidates vied for the seat left vacant by Minority Leader , D-Glen Cove, who did not seek another term. DeRiggi-Whitton’s successful bid ended a long-fought race that was .

The 18th district covers Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Bayville, Locust Valley, Brookville, Glen Head, Greenvale and Jericho.

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Gary B December 19, 2011 at 05:13 AM
Slash and burn cuts to the people who keep Nassau running? Last I checked my tax dollars keep Nassau running, not overpaid crybaby union members who can't contribute to their healthcare. The system is broke. How are you going to bring in new business to Nassau county and expand the tax base? Any smart business man would never start a business here. The taxes are too high. Nassau is in deep trouble. And the unions deserve cuts. I just checked on http://seethroughny.net/ and my garbage man makes $90,000 a year, has a pension, and pays nothing for health care. And you wonder why were in the red!
Rob Germino December 19, 2011 at 11:10 AM
Let's get your facts straight. According to the Massapequa Post, your district is about 2/3 Republican in voter registration--not "3/4" as you claimed earlier. From 2003 to 2009, you lost by a margin of 80-20. This year it was about 70-30. Instead of pushing rhetoric (e.g. "slash and burn cuts to the very people who keep Nassau running") , why not present real budget solutions? If labor accounts for about half of Nassau County's budget, why not push for mandatory contributions to health care? Grant Thornton (NIFA's consultant) recommended 7-12% contribution. County Executive Mangano asked for 25% contribution. Instead of promising the people of the 12th L.D. that you'll use your position in the legislature to support special district consolidation (this is not exactly in the purview of a County Legislator but more suitable for a State representative), why not lobby for pension reform? Wouldn't defined-contribution plans lessen the tax burden on taxpayers in your district than the current model?
John Rennhack January 24, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Oh, Rob.... Add the C and RTL voters who vote for the R no matter what. I have presented budget solutions every time I have run. In 2003, I was probably the only candidate talking about health insurance contributions. Back then I was saying that healthcare costs are rising at too fast a rate and the only way to avoid cuts in benefits or other measures is to have county employees contribute to their plan. The problem is, Mangano wanted 25%. That is so out of line and I'm wondering if you as an ordinance employee are willing to contribute 25% and/or take a $12,000 pay cut? BTW, do you still work for the County? All the long-term hard working employees were let go but no appointees. Real budget solutions is to use in-house counsel and employees to do work being farmed out. Why did the County need to pay someone $172,000 to write the budget when the County has a well-paid Deputy County Executive and a budget office? How incompetent are Mangano's appointees? Here's the thing, school taxes are 60% or more of the total tax bill. Instead of saying "That's not my job", a real leader would look to find solutions everywhere and anywhere. A local elected official can use his or her position to bring the community together. You CAN be an advocate for things you have no direct control over because of the "power" and elected official has. Defined contribution plans took a bath when the market tanked.
John Rennhack January 24, 2012 at 09:27 PM
So you may think you are saving money in the short-term but if there are significant losses in investments, the retiree will have little payout which means increased expense of public assistance. Oh and ask Rob Walker about pensions and his attempt to get Mondello's secretary a better tier so she could retire earlier without losing benefits. Her name is Julie Cleary. http://alb.merlinone.net/mweb/wmsql.wm.request?oneimage&imageid=6550749 How many ordinance employees have been let go, Rob? Do you believe that civil service county employees should be let go but political appointees making far more should not be affected? How about we put a maximum pay scale of $100,000 for appointees? Cut all executive and legislative staff salaries to $100,000. The County could afford to keep the employees who clean the buildings and care for the parks. The County can also cut costs on mailings signs with elected officials names on them. How much did it cost to create all those signs with Manganos name on them at all the county park entrances? Those signs were unneeded and never existed under Suozzi or Gulotta.
John Rennhack January 24, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Lets cut back on senior staff and department spokespeople. The County press office should handle the work, not different people for each department. DPW doesn't need it's own spokesperson. Then cut out county cars for everyone. The Legislature doesn't need a car and neither do deputy county executives or staff.


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