City Hall Roundup: Water Power and Library Access

A monthly roundup of legislation recently passed by the New York City Council

Take a look at our list of legislation passed last month by the City Council.

Using Water to Generate Power - The Council passed legislation (Intro 534-A) that will require the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to evaluate the potential for using the city's water supply to generate hydroelectric power.

DEP will be required to assess the city's water resources, including the water supply system, waste water treatment facilities and natural bodies of water within our jurisdiction, to determine if hydro-power technologies are appropriate for each site. Followed by this assessment, DEP must also conduct an analysis of the economic feasibility to generate such power at each site.

The bill is consistent with the City's goal towards achieving a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by moving towards cleaner sources of energy and by reducing energy consumption through more efficient technologies. This bill was signed into law by the mayor on May 1, 2012.

Expanding Library Card Distribution - The Council passed legislation (Intro 711-A) that will expand the Library Card Act, Local Law 8, to require the Department of Education to distribute library card information starting when a student enters pre-Kindergarten.

The legislation also involves the Administration for Children's Services, the Department of Homeless Services, the Department of Youth & Community Development and the Human Resources Administration by requiring these agencies make written or electronic materials about the library available to the youth.

Studies reveal that children raised in text-rich environments with access to books are more likely to start school well prepared than those who are not. By enhancing the Library Card Act, the council aims to further promote literacy, giving the city's youth a greater chance to succeed in school while fostering a life-long love of reading.


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