City Council Proposes Inspector General for Five Boroughs

The new post would independently oversee the city's Police Department.

About two dozen City Council members are proposing a bill this week to create the office of the inspector general – someone to independently oversee the police force, not unlike those already in place in Los Angeles and Chicago – says the New York Times.

The article says that according to the bill, the office of the inspector general would “conduct independent reviews of the department’s policies, practices, programs and operations.”

According to the Times, the council members believe that with and , now more than ever, increased oversight is needed.

The inspector general would be a non-police officer appointed by the mayor, says the paper, and would have subpoena power, though how much money the office receives and who is appointed to the investigative staff would ultimately be determined by the City Council.

According to the Times, though, the NYPD believes that the proposed post is “redundant,” with department spokesman Paul Browne saying that everything an inspector general would do, the Internal Affairs Bureau already does.

Arthur J caputo June 14, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Yea, reminds me of the Knapp Commission back in the Serpico days. The more things change the more they remain the same . The ONLY way to get rid of this search and frisk Nazi tactic is to REPLACE the Mayor and his police commissioner.This is what you get when you vote republican .
G June 14, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Arthur, a bit confused by your comments. Bloomberg is an Independant. Cuomo is a Democrat. Obama is a Democrat. NY is traditionally Democratic so which Republicans are you blaming this "Nazi tactic" on? One other thing that you as well as most people do not realize. The Stop and Frisk is not a policy of the NYPD or any other police department. It is a power authorized by the Criminal Procedure Law and upheld by the United States Supreme court in the Terry case. Look up both of my facts if you think I am incorrect. The only policy regarding stop and frisks created by the police is to fill out a form once a stop has been conducted.


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