City Council Approves Living Wage Bill, Mayor Has Vowed to Veto

Most councilmembers support the bill, which would mandate a minimum pay for employers receiving public funding.

The City Council voted 45-5 on Monday to approve its living wage bill, though Mayor Michael Bloomberg still says that he will veto it when it comes across his desk, reports NY1.

As Patch has previously reported, the bill would mandate minimum pay of $11.50 per hour, or $10 without benefits, for employers receiving public funding with gross revenues over $5 million dollars a year.

"We talk about government subsidies, one of my colleagues said that this is a bill we can build on. And that's what I'm terrified of, you will build on this bill," Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Whitestone, told NY1.

The article says that while City Council should have enough votes to override the mayor's veto, Bloomberg has also promised a legal challenge, which could tie the bill up in court for months.


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