CB 11 Proposed Three 'Slow Zones' for Bayside and Another for Douglaston, District Manager Says

The city's Department of Transportation picked four Queens sites for traffic calming measures, but only one was in northeast Queens.

had proposed seven northeast Queens sites, including three in Bayside and another in Douglaston, as possible "slow zones," but the city , the board's district manager said.

Earlier this week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city's Department of Transportation announced the expansion of the Neighborhood Slow Zone program for residential sections of the five boroughs. In a designated "slow zone," the speed limit is reduced from 30 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour.

The DOT picked four Queens sites to institute "slow zones," including Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Corona and Auburndale, which was the only zone proposed by CB 11 that was chosen.

But Susan Seinfeld, CB 11's district manager, said three sites in Bayside had also been proposed, including an area along Springfield Boulevard to Bell Boulevard from 51st to 56th Avenues, a site near and an area along the east side of Bell Boulevard between 32nd and 35th Avenues.

A "slow zone" for Douglas Manor had also been proposed by the board.

"They chose Auburndale because it's a lot more congested and the population is more dense," Seinfeld said. "The DOT said they will take some more, so I don't know if we can resubmit the sites we already gave."

She said she believed the "slow zones," which also include speed bumps, could lead to safer streets in northeast Queens.

"They can prevent accidents and pedestrians from being hit," she said. "It's been shown that the slower a car is going, the less chance you could die from an accident."

Patch wants to know: What are some northeast Queens sites that you believe deserve a "slow zone"? And which of the locales proposed by CB 11 are in most dire need of traffic calming measures? Post your comment in the section provided below.

May July 12, 2012 at 03:52 PM
I live on a residential block in Oakland Gardens called "Richland" which runs off Bell Blvd across approx 10 blocks to Hollis court, one block from in from Union Turnpike. You would expect it to be a quiet block, but to avoid traffic and streets lights on Union Turnpike, cars are flying down Richland all day long. It has turned into a "Short Cut" for drivers and turned a quiet residential block into what looks like a busy main street. It's very scary when you have kids and family's walking or playing outside. Any one know how to get a "slow zone" request for this street? Or at the least speed bumps?
George Orisses July 12, 2012 at 08:56 PM
How are the neighborhoods being selected? Shouldn't they go by the number of reported accidents in a given area to make these decisions - i.e. Francis Lewis Blvd etc.?
Kem Rutledge July 13, 2012 at 09:08 PM
35Th/ corbett road should be a slow zone. since the city decided to Put speed.Bumps and not stop signs (ir would disrupt the traffic) . Let some of the city big wigs try to back out of their driveway with 2 SUVs parked on both sides and traffic whiz zing down a residential street with schools on both ends. Kem


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