Ackerman Endorses Meng For Congress

Gary Ackerman, who has served much of the newly drawn 6th district for almost 30 years, threw his weight behind Democratic Party pick Assemblywoman Grace Meng.

Congressman Gary Ackerman, D-Bayside, who that he would not seek re-election, endorsed Assemblywoman , D-Flushing, to be his replacement on Tuesday.

Meng is the official nominee of the Democratic party. The endorsement rally took place outside of the Pomonok Housing, where Ackerman says he group up in subsidized government housing.

Ackerman, who reflectively said that during his upbringing, “somebody was helping to pay for our rent,” characterized Meng as a “quiet champion of the multitudes of people who need a little help.”

Meng, who like Ackerman, came from an immigrant family, said she was born in Corona, and raise partially in Bayside before he family relocated to Flushing.

Her career in public service, she said, has been about being “voice for the voiceless—which has become the middle class.”

She faces a wide primary field to do that in Congress. Meng's Democratic competitors are Dr. , Councilwoman and Assemblyman . She will face Republican and Green Party candidate if she does indeed win the primary.


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