$1.8M in Blizzard Payouts and Counting

The city has paid out more than $1.8 million in claims from last year’s after-Christmas snowstorm.

Exactly one year ago, pummeled New York City in a storm not to be soon forgotten. As of today, the anniversary of the Boxing Day Blizzard, the city’s sluggish response to cleaning up the storm has cost it more than $1.8 million in claims with more still pending, CBS News reports.

According to the city comptroller’s Office, a total 1,196 snowstorm-related claims were filed with the city, including claims from individuals who say they were injured on icy roads and sidewalks and residents who say that city plows damaged their cars and property, CBS reports.

As of Friday, 620 of the claims had been settled for a total payout of $1,855,152.53 (these included $150,000 for a man who said he slipped in an icy parking lot and $100,000 to a Brooklyn cemetery where headstones were damaged), according to the report. The remaining several hundred claims were under investigation or were already dismissed.

Last December, Northeast Queens Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Whitestone, ignited a firestorm after done a poky job of plowing snow.
The Dept. of Investigation later issued a report with to support those allegations.


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