In Wake of Hurricane Irene, Mayor Bloomberg Calls On New Yorkers to Donate Blood

Power outages caused by Hurricane Irene left hospitals in need of blood supplies

The trains and buses are back up and running, but many New Yorkers remain in need in the aftermath of the weekend of Hurricane Irene's tropical storm destruction.

Mayor Bloomberg announced a series of emergency blood drives on Tuesday, urging New Yorkers to donate blood to the men and women who suffered the loss of over 2,000 units of blood during the power outages of Hurricane Irene.

Those who wish to roll up their sleeves and help can donate blood to a hospital near you, or to any of the six Level 1 Trauma Centers of New York, located in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, Harlem and Bellevue hospitals in Manhattan and Jacobi hospitals in the Bronx.

Many who rely on constant treatment, or who suffered injuries due to Hurrican-turned-tropical storm Irene, require donations.

Health and Hospitals Corporation President Alan D. Aviles says “I urge HHC public hospital and health center employees and all New Yorkers to help relieve this critical shortage by taking time out to donate blood.”

“New Yorkers went above and beyond to help each other during Hurricane Irene this weekend, and now we are asking for donations to potentially save lives,” urged Mayor Bloomberg this morning after donating blood at Manhatan's New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) MetLife Donor Center.

While many New Yorkers were expecting Hurricane Irene to blow in with a bit more gusto, we cannot forget those whose health and safety were harmed by the storm. Power outtages have caused hospital blood supplies to dip below the minimum two day supply level - usually hospitals are equipped with a three-to-five day supply.

An estimated one in every seven people admitted to a hospital requires blood, making this an urgent matter. If you are able, lend a helping hand and help New York get back on its feet.


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