FDNY's Engine 320 House To Close For Nine Months

The firehouse will shutter for nine months to allow for building renovations.

After a of seem to have , another one is now slated to close for the better part of a year.

on Francis Lewis Blvd. will close for a nine month renovation period, revealed on Monday. He did not say when that period would begin or end.

Its staff will be based out of the in Bayside Village during that period. Engine 306 itself was slated for permanent closure just last year.

"[It]'s interesting that they will now be temporarily moving Ladder 167 to the Bayside Firehouse (Home of Engine 306).Yet, as we all know, with Engine 306 last year!" said CB 11 Member Andy Rothman. He wonders where the operations of Ladder 167 would have been moved to if Engine 306 were shuttered, and perhaps sold.

"The Mayor needs to stop threatening the safety of Bayside," Rothman said.


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