Crime Up Six Percent So Far This Year

Incidents are up across four of the seven major crime categories, according to police statistics.

The year is nearly at its halfway point and overall crime is up six percent in northeast Queens with increases in four of the seven major crime categories, according to police statistics.

There has been one murder in the precinct this year so far as opposed to two homicides in northeast Queens at this time in 2011.

In late May, a 56-year-old Bayside man attempted to hang himself after fatally slashing his 57-year-old female companion’s neck, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

The man had allegedly set fire to the couple’s basement apartment prior to his attempting to commit suicide, officials said.

Although the incident is the year’s sole murder, northeast Queens has seen its share of violent incidents during the past month.

On May 24, a man on Marathon Parkway near 53rd Avenue.

A man before being shot in the chest by police when he came at officers responding to the crime on May 10.

And, on May 28, police . A 111th Precinct spokesman said the 21-year-old had taken his own life.

According to police statistics, there have been two rapes in the 111th Precinct, which is the same number at this time in 2011.

The number of robberies has dropped from 42 incidents during 2011’s first half to 29 incidents this year so far.

But felony assaults are up from 21 incidents last year to 27 in 2012’s first half.

Burglaries are up slightly from 77 incidents in 2011 to 78 this year, while grand larcenies have jumped from 156 incidents last year to 179 incidents in 2012.

Grand larceny auto incidents have increased from 49 incidents during 2011’s first half to 54 incidents this year so far.

The 111th Precinct covers Douglaston, Little Neck and Bayside.

Arthur J caputo June 20, 2012 at 11:28 AM
I'm surprised crime isn't worse. With the republicans causing all the financial pain in this economy, roadblocking everything Obama is trying to do to help the country and it's people, crime usually rises accordingly, as it did under Hoover and the republicans back when.What can you expect from a party that wants to cut your Social Security, Medicare, etc at the same time continue the taxpayer subsidies to the rich oil companies.


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