Crime Drops in 111th Percent During August

The number of incidents are down in five of the seven major crime categories.

Crime was down 13 percent in the during the past month as crime dropped in five of the seven major crime categories, according to police statistics.

As of Aug. 19, overall crime for the year is down four percent.

There were no murders or rapes during the past month and robberies fell from four incidents in August 2011 to three this past month.

The number of burglaries dropped from 16 incidents in August 2011 to 12 during the same period of time this year.

Grand larceny went down from 29 incidents during August 2011 to 26 incidents this past month.

There were five felony assaults reported in August of 2011 and 2012. Grand larceny auto was the only category to see a slight increase. A total six incidents were reported in August 2011, but seven occurred during the same period of time this year.

For the year so far, the number of murders, rapes, robberies and burglaries are down, while the number of felony assaults, grand larcenies and grand larceny auto incidents are up slightly.

The 111th Precinct covers Douglaston, Little Neck and Bayside.


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