CB 11 Renders Resolution on Engine 306

The Community Board passes a resolution asking the City to recognize the need for a firehouse in the heart of Bayside.

Reminding the city that there are fire-prone old wooden structures at risk, the Community Board 11 passed a resolution of Engine 306.

The Resolution also states that the second nearest firehouse to Bayside Village is 1.5 miles away, and would drag response times by two additional minutes. The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Mayor Michael Bloomberg intends to close twenty firehouses in New York City, and

WHEREAS, the Mayor deems those of New York City, and

WHEREAS, Engine 306, one of the twenty firehouses proposed for closure, resides within Community Board 11, and

WHEREAS, Engine 306 provides an invaluable service to our community including prompt response efforts to dangerous fires, emergency medical situations, and extreme weather conditions, and

WHEREAS, the closest firehouse in relation to Engine 306 is almost 1.5 miles away, and

WHEREAS, the closure of Engine 306 will increase response time in the surrounding community by almost two minutes, and

WHEREAS, two minutes may mean the difference between life and death in fires and critical medical situations, and

WHEREAS, senior citizens and children are those most vulnerable to dangerous fires, and

WHEREAS, the neighborhood has numerous old wooden structures that would be endangered, and

WHEREAS, the safety and protection of the Northeast Queens residents, whom Community Board 11 represents, is of the utmost importance to all of our members,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Community Board11 is steadfastly opposed to the closing of Engine 306 due to the adverse effect it will have on the residents and businesses of our community.

Community Board 11 functions as an advisory board to decision-makers at various City agencies, and City Hall. The resolution is not binding, but the community hopes it will resonate.


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