New Aircraft Procedures Will Focus Noise

As you may already know, the FAA on May 16 announced that the Airspace Redesign program will be modified and new changes will be made to the NY Airspace. These new changes include Precision Based Navigation (PBN) procedures which inherently focus or concentrate noise. See http://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=77344.
Now that we know changes are coming, we should ask the FAA to a)clearly identify details of the upcoming changes; and b)define the environmental studies that will be performed to determine the impact of the changes on our environment. Therefore, if you are a designated representative to either the LGA or JFK roundtables, please ask the PANYNJ to request that the FAA brief the roundtables as soon as possible on the changes and planned environmental studies. You can contact the PANYNJ through "Van Praagh, Ian" <ivanpraa@panynj.gov>. If you are a designated member of a roundtable or concerned citizen also please contact your Congressional Representatives and ask that he or she push for the briefing.
Many of us have screamed bloody murder when the FAA instituted changes we didn't know about. Now we know about additional changes and maybe getting a chance to do something in a timely way. 
Please don't let this opportunity go by without action. Also please let me know when you contacted the PANYNJ or your congressional reps regarding a briefing and let me know their response, if any.

Len Schaier, President


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