Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

You know those backpackers you hear about who go for months and months traveling to distant lands? That has Sagittarius written all over it.

Dear Yael,

Please help me with some advice. I am currently dating a Sag guy whose birthday is on December 11.  I am a Cancer/Leo cusp, July 22nd. Would you say this is a good match?  Both of us have our Moons in Libra, and we seem to be a good fit in regards to our Venus/Mars.  I have a Gemini Venus and Mars, and he has a Sagittarius Venus with a Gemini Mars.  Though all the descriptions describe these placements as flirty and flighty, we both seem pretty committed and sincere in the relationship.  What are your thoughts?


Dear Catwoman,

Fortunately, you were . I would have to really see you in action and your full chart to gauge whether you are more of a Leo than a Cancer, but I have a hunch that you are more of a Leo. And even if you were slightly more of the moon-child, the rest of your chart certainly would balance you out (having Libra and Gemini).

Some things to keep in mind between a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man: he needs a and you above all need loyalty (and to feel that you are the center of his world at times). If both of you can let go of the need to dominate each other (you actively and him passively), and rely more on your mutual interests, then this could really be a magnificent pairing.

Sagittarius men are social, truth-seeking, exploratory beings. They are philosophical, humanistic, wanderers of the world. Even older Sagittarius men have this youthful side to them which is so attractive. You know those backpackers you hear about who go for months and months traveling to distant lands? That has Sagittarius written all over it.

Unlike Leo women who love beautiful things, Sagittarius men love truth, idealism, philosophy. Once you attract his mind and heart, he is all yours. Sagittarius men are actually one of the least superficial men out there which makes them very sexy indeed.   

Leo women are the career seeking powerhouses of the zodiac. They ooze confidence, pride, and focus. Leo women are not known for marrying young. Unlike other females in the zodiac, they can stay single for long periods of time. They have this amazing independent, self-sufficient streak which is so alluring to men.  They will only really settle down once all of their other projects have been manifested, and then, only then will they devote themselves to a new project such as marriage and family.

Leo women are also used to receiving loads of affection and grandiose gestures. Your Sagittarius is more about writing you love notes rather than buying you a diamond. You, Ms. Cat woman, could probably buy your own diamonds anyway. What you really need is love, pure and simple, and he has so much to give.   

One warning—If you try to box him in, he may make a run for it. Trips, physical exercise, and walks/runs in the park are the best way to “hold” onto your connection.  

Since Leo and Sagittarius are , when they come together, it’s a passionate, harmonious love affair.

Regarding both of your Libra moons, watch out for a tendency for both of you to be indecisive. Both of your Venus and Mars are extremely compatible. I always say that if a Gemini and Sagittarius are not together, they don’t commit. Since both of you have this complementary pairing, neither of you will confine the other.

Good luck!



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