Family Talk: Valuable Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Being able to take the good lessons out of a devastating occurrence is every parent's responsibility.

Now is the time when kids can learn some of the most important lessons that life has to offer.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, whole communities are just beginning the process of not only picking up the pieces, but really assessing the damage.

For some kids, Sandy has meant nothing more than a week off from school, some loss of power, and new and alternative Halloween plans.

For others, it has meant extensive damage to their neighborhoods, homes, loss of family members and the need to be rescued.

With all that has transpired in the past week, it's important for kids to understand the importance of helping those in need, along with knowing that people are there for them.

The extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy is not only going to be visible in the homes and neighborhoods that have been damaged and, in many cases, destroyed, but in the lasting memory of those who endured the worst of the storm, which for many is long from over.

The ways in which we can help kids heal is by having those that were more fortunate than others learn how they can play a positive role in the aftermath. Showing kids the importance of donating and volunteering is a necessary lesson that can very easily be taught in such a tragic time.

Similarly, those families that have had their lives turned upside down this past week not only need help, but to know that they are not alone.

Learning to pitch in and lend a helping hand is a lesson that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Teaching that lesson now will shape the kind of adults they will grow up to become.

And experiencing the kindness of others in a tumultuous time in the lives of those children who are enduring what many of us cannot even imagine will come as a blessing during a time of an undeniably confusing and painful experience.


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