Family Talk: Have You Taken the Time to Enjoy the Storm?

Numerous opportunities for childlike fun still remain.

The worst, and the best, of the storm is all over.

With parents worried about what the blizzard was going to bring, and their kids excited for all that was to come, the storm has passed the area without much consequence, and clear skies are upon us.

Snow totals in the teens surely meant digging out the car and driveway, not to mention the walkway and steps, but it has also meant lots of fun for kids of all ages (including the ones found in all of us).

From building snowmen and making snow angels to having snowball fights and going sledding, the weekend snow storm made for a winter wonderland many parents were actually able to enjoy with their kids.

And if you haven't been able to make it out to one of NYC's best sledding locations, check out the sledding action in Crocheron Park while there's still time.

Hot cocoa is no match for warming you up when compared to the exileration of speedily sliding downhill only to climb back up and do it all over again.

For those of you that want to re-live the awe and excitement of the entire storm, in the comfort of your homes, check out this blizzard time lapse video on YouTube, featuring a Fresh Meadows street.

And a picture is definitely worth a thousand words when those images portray individuals getting around city streets on skis, and cars parked along sidewalks serve as bases to billowing mounds of snow mountains, as found in this ABC News Photo Gallery.

The time for worrying about what will pass is gone, and all that is left is to enjoy all the storm has brought us while we still can.


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