Family Talk: Giuliana Rancic Is Expecting a Baby

The options for those with challenges conceiving has fruitfully multiplied.

Long gone are the days when there was just one way to make a baby.

After making public their struggles to conceive, reality TV couple "Giuliana and Bill," Rancic announced that they are with child, so to speak.

While there is a baby on the way, Giuliana, an E! correspondant, is not physically pregnant. She and her husband shared the news on "The View," that they will be welcoming their bundle of joy via a gestational surrogate, reports the Huffington Post.

The question that was asked of the couple, which I, and I'm sure many of you might be asking is, what exactly is the difference between a gestational surrogate and a regular surrogate.

In a traditional surrogate pregnancy, the woman carrying the child for another couple is also the genetic mother.

As Bill explained, a gestational surrogate is different. Their surrogate mom will be carrying a zygote (early stage fetus) conceived of Giuliana's egg and Bill's sperm, and then inserterted into the womb. Obviously, this is much more complicated than the old fashioned method of falling in love (or lust), getting married (or not), and having a baby.

Having babies is a fundamental part of making a family, and so it's great that our options for those with procreational challenges has advanced. 

From in-vitro and surrogacy to adoption and natural births, just about anyone can overcome obstacles to having a baby, or namely, conceiving.

Let's face it: plenty of women would love to have the finished product of a pregnancy, without going through it themselves. But pregnancy is an amazing experience—one which I know from the show that Giuliana did want to go through herself. I can't help but wonder how she must be feeling now, and hope that it's all joy.

All in all, a baby is a blessing, no matter how he or she comes to be. Congratulations to the lucky couple.

Dawn Andrew April 26, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Hope all goes well for them. Bet they cannot wait to hold their baby.


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