Family Talk: Chuck Norris Seeks to Uphold the Boy Scouts of America's Anti-Gay Policy

Actor suggests that President Obama is influencing BSA national board member, James Turley, on changing the "century-old policy to ban gays from leadership."

You too can encourage acts of kindness, leadership and community service, while instilling morals and values to boys of all ages - that is, unless you're gay.

The long-standing anti-gay policy of the Boy Scouts of America is being challenged, reviewed and debated upon once again.

In a recent column by Chuck Norris on AmmoLand, the actor accuses President Barack Obama of steering James Turley, one of the organization's national board members, to change the BSA's anti-gay policy and asks if Turley is "working on his own initiative or [whether] the White House prodded him with perks and favors?"

Entertainment Today reports that Turley stated he will "'work from within' the board to overturn the policy," an act Norris credits to the Obama administration. Norris's column begins with the words, "Is it a coincidence . . . ?"

The Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful organization and has had a tremendous impact on young boys and men throughout the United States. It's motto of "do your best" and goal of  "building a more conscientious, responsible and productive society," by "helping youth," as listed on their 'about' page of their website, is commendable.

What doesn't make sense is how an organization that prides itself on community and on being upstanding citizens and active members of society with high values and morals could discriminate against those with the same goals.

The argument that the organization is a private one and should be able exclude members as it sees fit is unacceptable. Discrimination against any individual based on their sexual orientation is not commendable, moral or ethical.

The Boy Scouts of America, the last time I checked, does not conduct any lessons, sessions or activities surrounding sexuality. The focus of their activities is on community service and physical activity.

It is wrong to say that someone of a certain sexual preference should not be able to work with kids through a program that prides itself on "community."

Elyse J. Factor June 30, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Clearly Chuck Norris has taken too many blows to the head. His statements are a dazling reflection of his ignorance of reality and intolerance. Generations of young gay men have benefitted from membership in the Boy Scouts, they just couldn't be "out" about it because of thick-headed, narrow-minded thugs like you. Guess what Chuck, the world hasn't stopped spinning on it's axis and the Boy Scouts will continue to have gay members with or without your approval. What's it your business anyway?
crazy man cwt July 01, 2012 at 03:02 AM
The boy scouts are for kids who are not gay, because they ARE trying to teach MORALS. How else would straight boys learn nowadays?
Sarah Adams July 01, 2012 at 06:35 PM
BRAVO, Chuck Norris! IF gays are so proud of their so called LGBT community why they don;t just build up the GAY Scouts of America??? I'm a proud woman that is a former GIRL Scouts of America. Therefore, I am PROUD to be called a GIRL! But this whole group what they want is TO TAKE CONTROL of our traditional families and straight lifestyle and insert inside our kids and communities so EVERYONE gets confused about who's a boy or a girl! Creepy, psychopath idea that should never got out of the DSM IV. Go found your own GAY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, PERVERTS!!!!


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