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Is It Time for More Villages in North Hempstead?

Has the Town of North Hempstead failed in communicating with the residents? You tell me. Is it time for a Village?

Every day I receive phone calls and emails from neighbors, civic members, local business owners who, upon hearing a "rumor," call or email to advise the civic leaders of the "goings on" within the New Hyde Park community.  Had it not been for these "tips" we would NEVER have known about the new 7-Eleven on Union Turnpike or the new 7-Eleven on Hillside Avenue and New Hyde Park Road or the King Kullen that will move into the Ace Hardware Shopping Center on Nov. 8.

How can our elected leadership, Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman and Councilperson Lee Seeman, think it's acceptable to not advise local civic leaders of changes within their community that will impact traffic, lifestyles and possibly safety? This current administration has grossly failed this community. 

Civic leadership is consistent and usually has the same people; this current administration knows our phone numbers and email addresses.  Guess Supervisor Kaiman and Councilperson Seeman don't want to deal with the backlash/criticism from civics when their proposals come up significantly short.  Do they know there's a food service truck parked on Union Turnpike and Lakeville Road in front of the Citibank next to one of the proposed 7-Elevens?  Probably not. Do they come into our community to see the consistent deterioration of the plans they keep approving - other than to campaign?

Past administrations, specifically former Supervisor Newberger and Councilman D'Urso, made sure New Hyde Park civic associations were kept informed. We knew what was being planned and, imagine this, actually had a say in the discussions.  We were treated with respect and were not viewed as a "negative" voting block or politically motivated. We were invited to meetings held at the Town prior to the proposals going before the Town Board.  Our opinions were solicited because the prior administration was actually concerned with maintaining the entire Town from North to South, East to West. Too bad we can't say the same for this administration, who has gone out of their way to block, trip-up and stumble any civic interaction.

As a civic leader, I am concerned with how the current leadership at Town Hall continues to blatantly disregard the needs of greater New Hyde Park when they should be seeking information from the community to make our neighborhood a safer and better place to live.

It is a sad commentary and makes me wish I lived in a Village where the local
government is in tune with the residents and really listens to what they say. Roslyn Country Club is another perfect example - we are told what the Town will do, no referendum, no input, just a few words at a public hearing where they may or may not be heard. I have to believe this is not just happening in New Hyde Park but elsewhere in the Town.

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Townie November 02, 2011 at 08:30 PM
Merrick, I am fairly confident that my town sanitiation bill is substantially less than your village sanitation bill. 3 pickups a week, not sure how much more could be needed. Your village also pays for the equipment, disposal and employee costs. Also pretty confident that my town tax portion of the bill is less than your village and town portion combined. Mineola voters also rejected their own police department. Guess the majority felt it wasn't cost effective. Not sure, don't live there. At the end of the day, your are entirely correct about the pivotal point. Village or town...doesn't matter. Leadership matters.
Townie November 02, 2011 at 09:13 PM
And on a related note, I see New Hyde Park village is holding a hearing to override the tax cap.
Merrick7 November 03, 2011 at 08:49 PM
ha ha I apologize for the implication I live in an unincorporated area of TOH. I favor villages though. Mineola's rejection of police was do to misinformation, which could not be fully grasped from a Newsday article. I would not be so confident on the sanitation front, then again I do not know your district. But it seems irrelevant. Point being as you and I have said all that matters is leadership
Better Government November 03, 2011 at 11:20 PM
I favor villages too
Stephen November 07, 2011 at 02:05 AM
Marianna - I think with respect to your situation, most believe that "political" means that you endlessly criticize and accuse elected representatives because you are a committed supporter of their political opponents. I think they mean you are speaking from the standpoint of personal differences with them. Ultimately, I think they mean that you are intellectually dishonest and take positions on issues and people for reasons other than the ones you state. You asked....


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