Where Are The Doomsday Preppers In NYC?

A network of people 'prepping' for all forms of catastrophe is gaining strongholds across the country—but are nowhere to be found in Queens.

If National Geographic Channel has its facts down straight, the community of Americans involved in "prepping" is growing exponentially.

Preppers are people who believe that the world is headed towards calamity, and our social structure that keeps people safe and fed will be wiped out.

Common prepper scenarios include a total economic meltdown, a solar flare that puts out the power grid, a disease pandemic, or anything else that creates widespread disorder.

They often stockpile gas, guns, medicines, and survival equipment, and months or years worth of food in their homes.

We all remember , when we were told to keep , water, batteries, flashlight and other supplies on hand.

"Disasters can sometimes make it unsafe for people to leave their residence for a period after the disaster hits," according to a statement on the FEMA Web site. "The need for long-term sheltering-in-place, e.g. having a three-day supply of food and water, is important for families preparing for emergencies where supplies to stores, electricity and water are disrupted."

Many preppers believe that forming a network of trusted friends, and sharing information, will be key to surviving a sustained calamity. But the only network of preppers in NYC we were able to locate through their national network meets in Manhattan. For many disaster scenarios, that's just too far away from Bayside to band together and share resources.

Since Patch is about local connections, we want to connect people here.

Are you preparing for a major disaster—perhaps even bigger than a hurricane? If so, what protective measures do you advise individual community members to take?


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