How To Score A Date On Valentine's Day

You're into a lady colleague or fellow grad student. Here's a low key way to help grab her attention.

Bringing a gift to your lady on Valentine's Day is absolutely compulsory, whether you're ten or 110.

The only exception I think possible is if you . But otherwise, a fellow is in for a lot of pouts if he blows the holiday off.

So I'm making plucking a last minute gift from a local store easy for you, whoever you are. I walked circles around the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, poking my head into any of the stores that I, or any of the women I know, would like a gift from. I looked out for gifts appropriate for any budget, and relationship. Today's installation of this series is if you're looking to score a first date on Valentine's Day with an office crush, fellow university student, or some comparable environment.

For A Crush

The best thing for an office crush or classmate is to slip something sweet onto their desk, while they're away from it if possible.

Unfortunately in Bay Terrace. That is a pity, but it doesn't have to kill your game.

— has a perfectly respectable range of little chocolate goodies. My favorite for these purposes would be a small package of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut treats. I like it because it's great chocolate that's elegantly wrapped. Best of all, it doesn't come in a box that's heart-shaped, or overly romantic. So if you're still feeling things out, and want an easy out if you're not getting much of a response, you can play it off as a friendly gesture.

If you're feeling bold, you can leave a card with it. If you're not, leave a post it note with your name on it. When she comes over to your desk to thank you, gage the reaction, and maybe ask her out to sample cupcakes.*

—Also, it isn't in Bay Terrace, and that strays from my model here, but cupcakes from will serve the same purpose as chocolate. Any sit-in bakery, and especially this one with all its decor, will make a fabulous last minute spot for a first date. Be warned: drinks as a first date might be perceived by the lady as a bit sleazy.

*How To Turn The Sweets Into A Date

—If she doesn't come over to your desk to thank you, that doesn't show such great character. You might be doing yourself a favor in dropping her.

—Alternatively, if she calls your extension to thank you, it might mean that she's grateful, but not that interested. It's always a person-by-person judgement call, but do ask yourself: why would she miss out on the perfect opportunity to flirt herself into a V-Day date?

—If she stops by your desk to thank you for the chocolate, say something like;

"I'm glad you liked it. I was actually thinking of bringing in cupcakes from [insert name of sit-down bakery near the office/school]. I was eyeing their stuff this morning, and it looked nuts. Do you want to grab one with me after work?"

—If she stops by your desk, and you aren't there, but she leaves a note, that's good too. Notes are inherently romantic. If she sits really closeby, swing by the desk and use the aforementioned line. If she's on another floor or something, call her extension or text her cell if you've got the number.


If you're young and in love this Valentine's Day, scroll down to see yesterday's suggestions.

Bay Terrace is loaded for you.

—You can get costume jewelry at . A few bangle bracelets in a nice bag make a great gift from one middle school crush to another.

Perfumes and hand lotions line the walls of . Grab a few items (they have mix and match deals) like 1-2 scented lotions, and 1-2 body sprays. Maybe throw in a tube of lip gloss if your budget allows, and you've got yourself a little gift bag that most high school girls will really dig. 

-There's also , which does a terrific job of packaging lotions and perfumes. Young women really relish a cute package. Think about how much people enjoy the boxes that Apple products come in; same concept. Victoria's Secret might really be the ticket for those college girls, because it's a bit more sophisticated. 

By the way, post-college reader, all of the above gifts work well as "stocking stuffers," so to speak, for a mature relationship. All these things slip nicely into a larger bag with gifts appropriate for your age range. Check back with Patch for suggestions for age 20+ Valentine's Day couples. Remember, we're doing all budgets.


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