Free Finds: Elvis Presley Memorabilia

Check out what people are giving away for free in Queens.

Elvis Stuff

A lady in Douglaston is giving away two boxes of memorabilia to anyone who can prove that they are a "real fan." The benefactor's mother was a big Elvis fan, and she wants to bequeath the photos, pins, books, newpaper clippings, christmas stuff, posters and dolls to someone who isn't looking to re-sell to make a profit.

Check out her listing for more information.


You can be the adopted owner of a pair of 8-week-old kittens. The current owner is asking that you provide them with a good, loving homeā€”but bring them back if for any reason you change your mind about the adoption. Contact Tara, at 347.264.2899.


An Astorian is parting with his 57 inch rear projection HDTV. It's a Zenith brand, that looks pretty heavy. The current owner suggests you bring at least one friend to help remove it.

You can view their listing here.

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