GoFundMe Campaign Raises Money for Wounded Kitten

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Photo courtesy of Joe Caravella Jr.'s GoFundMe page.
Photo courtesy of Joe Caravella Jr.'s GoFundMe page.

An online campaign dedicated to raising money for an injured kitten's medical treatment has, so far, raised $422.

Flushing's Joe Caravella Jr. created a GoFundMe page titled "Kitty Sally Needs Medical Attention," with the goal of raising a total $600. So far, 17 people have donated to the fund.

The page reads:

My kitty Sally was injured two nights ago. Her rear leg was broken. I called many vets in Flushing and none would treat her on a sliding scale.

 I am disabled and on [Social Security Disability], so I don't have money laying around to get her taken care of. I am desperate because I don't want her to be in discomfort and pain, yet I cannot get her treated because my finances are not great. 

So, I am turning to my animal loving friends on Facebook with the hopes I can raise the funds to have my girl treated. She is 13 years old and sweet as pie. Her name is Sally. Please help us.


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