Community Meeting with FAA

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Public meeting with FAA regarding changes in flight pattern over NE Queens from LGA. Since past summer we noticed in NE Queens a tremendousincrease in noise level  caused by an incessantnumber of low flying aircrafts coming from La Guardia Airport.
What is astounding  is the short interval of airplanes over the area estimated to 15-20 seconds to 1-2 minutes for hours and hours, from early morning to late night.
Initially, no explanation could be obtained from FederalAviation Administration (FAA) or Port Authority. In the fall we found out that this is a new landing/take off system called Next Generation (a GPS based system) implemented in spite of our repeated complaints.
This doomed the people in Queens and surrounding areas to be subjected to incessant noise and air pollution .This insidious action by FAA has condemned us to a life that involves constant background of loud jet engine noise. This is a national and not only a local problem here in Queens.
 FAA proved a very arrogant federal agency that not only refuses to communicate with our elected politicianswho are representing us in this issue, but after multiple attempts their response has been vague without willingness to compromise in anyway. They are adamantthat they have the right to implement any system without regard to the effects on communities.The savings in fuel and cost on a global production scaleare minor and should not supersede the major effect on health and quality of life of millions of people who reside under selected landing pathways.Finally, our senators have been able to schedule a public meeting on this issue with FAA. Concerned citizens should attend.


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