Patch Readers Debate Pros and Cons of Hydrofracking

Readers weigh in on controversial natural gas extraction process.

So, it appears that hydrofracking is a topic about which Douglaston-Little Neck Patch readers have strong opinions.

As of this morning, a whopping 1,389 readers cast their votes in our in New York State.

For those unaware of the procedure, hydrofracking involves extracting natural gas and petroleum by drilling into rock layers.

Those who support the procedure say it could be a source of energy and revenue for the state, while its opponents say it could pose dangers to the state's water supply.

Currently, 65 percent of voters say that hydraulic fracturing should be allowed and 33 percent say it should not. Only eight voters are currently undecided.

If you haven't already voted in our poll, be sure to do so now and post your comments in the section provided below.

In the meantime, here's a roundup of some of the comments in the debate taking place on Douglaston-Little Neck Patch.

Cynthia Ga
Fracking is a resource intensive, dangerous way of making some money for companies that will pick up and leave when the water and land is contaminated. Too risky for New York State.

Commenter known as 'Random Action
Ban fracking. It's too dangerous. It's currently leading to the largest Superfund cleanup ever - a mile deep and impossible to reach!

Mark Smith
People are misinformed. The media blows things way out of the picture. There are thousands of gas wells in Pennsylvania now, but you only hear about the couple of accidents. The people against drilling in New York are the people who don't own land to make any money from it. Sorry, I'm all for drilling.

This should never have become a political issue when it is a scientific one. The science overwhelmingly shows fracking to be safe and the track record proves it.

John Gangeme
It is safe and would help New York State's economy, along with the people. Look how it has helped Pennsylvania. Landowners should have the rights to decide what to do for their own property.

Cayuga Pete
The more you know, the worse it gets. Hydraulic fracturing is an inherently toxic, polluting and dangerous form of fossil fuel extraction. The means by which it is done devours and spoils our precious water and industrializes our rural roads and lands with ceaseless truck and drill pad activity. There is a better way than this shortsighted and greedy means of getting people the energy they need.

Jenny May 18, 2012 at 12:25 AM
clearly you have struck a nerve.....
Vito Radazzo May 18, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Apparently this column looks like it favors the anti gas movement. After seeing how many support the safe development of natural gas in New York State you appear to be suprised. Highlighting comments not science based but on misinformation. How about researching the facts the EPA has no eveidence of hydraulic fracturing contaminating water supplies. The latest EPA water testing in Dimock show no water contamination. Seeing how this town truely embraces Hydraulic fracturing and a small group seeked to spead the misinformation through their participation in Gasland the facts are out Gasland was just that Gas from Josh Fox and his multi million dollar profiting so called documentary. Conspiracy theories always get attention wether they are true or not as in this case.
Nathan Duke (Editor) May 18, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Mr. Radazzo, thanks for writing. The column is not meant to favor either side, but merely wrap-up the significant amount of comments we received on our poll. I put up three comments from people opposed to hydrofracking and three in favor of it.
Alphonse May 20, 2012 at 10:30 AM
Dear Nathan, Consider vetting some of the comments. Just look up and verify ridiculous statements.


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