Keepin' It Local: Snow Removal

Battling back the snow fatigue at North Shore Hardware in Little Neck

Back problems got you dreading tonight's heavy snow forecast? 

Well, then Michael Steinberg of on Northern Boulevard has the shovel for you.

"It's saved my back ...  and I've been using it for years," Steinberg said.

With a specially-molded attachment transferring weight from the back and shoulders, this shovel will set back snow-weary residents a relatively-hefty $29.99.

But according to Steinberg, being prepared for the area's second predicted big blast of winter is worth every penny.

A veteran of snowstorms going back a quarter century, Steinberg guided a steady stream of customers this morning looking to stock up before the next storm covered walkways, driveways and cars with a thick blanket of snow.

Among the items selling briskly Tuesday were snowbrushes, windshield fluid, windshield de-icer and mats, according to North Shore Hardware staff.

At about 10 a.m., Nora, a Little Neck resident, came into the store looking for rock salt that wouldn't hurt her two dogs, a Rotweiler mix and a Shepherd mix.

Nora ended up buying a bag of $10.99 Fast-Melt in the hopes of staying ahead of the snow and keeping her walkways clear.

"I'm sure the dogs will be fine," she said. "I'll just wipe off their paws with a towel."

Many of the customers filing into this Northern Boulevard landmark seemed weighed down by the prospect of heavy snow coming just days after the city Department of Sanitation  of last month's blizzard from neighborhood roads, byways and driveways.

Despite the gloom, Steinberg looked on the bright side of this most recent storm.

"At least it isn't a blizzard," he said. "Last time around, I couldn't even get to work to sell anyone a shovel."

North Shore Hardware is located at 252-11 Northern Blvd. in Little Neck. 

Lori Gross January 12, 2011 at 11:44 AM
Michael Steinberg is: a) Now one of my heros. b) The living Little Neck incarnation of that old Macy's policy to refer customers to another store that carries merchandise Macy's didn't stock. Great vid.


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