Federal Ruling Means Higher Con Ed Bill

A new ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission might cost Con Edison customers more than they'd expect.

A new ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission could end up costing Con Edison customers more than they might expect. 

The New York Power Authority estimates that FERC's ruling will cost power users in New York $400 million to $500 million, leaving Con Ed's customers to foot $300-375 million of that bill, according to the New York Post

Trickling down, that means Con Ed customers throughout the five boroughs can expect to pay an average $9 more a month in electric bills starting in January. 

A spokesperson for Con Ed told Patch the company has joined others in requesting a rehearing of the FERC order.

"We seek to balance the interests of all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers," a statement from the company said.

Robert L. Rapuano October 17, 2012 at 12:19 PM
While I don't mind the extra $9 a month what bothers me is ConEd is for the most part is the larger of the 2 portions of my electricty bill.Which means more then half of my bill goes for delivery portion on the lines and poles from 50 years ago. This is the same reason I switched to FIOS. TWC makes no investment into upgrading the infrastructure and just keeps sucking the profit out. Then somewhere along the line they will raise the rate because the thing is in such bad shape they have no choice. Either we get competition (how, I don't know) or we make ConEd follow some kind of guideline. PS How come the guy that reads the meter comes after 9am when most families nowadays have working spouses?


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