Bayside High School Students to Play with All-State Ensembles

French horn and flute player will perform in November with symphony in Rochester.

Two students were recently chosen to play in the All-State Symphony after receiving perfect scores during their solo performances for New York State School Music Association judges.

Junior Brian Kupferman, who plays the french horn, was picked to play in the All-State Symphony Orchestra, while senior Sarah Shin, a flute player, was chosen to perform with the All-State Symphonic Band.

"They both performed at the highest level of their instrument and received perfect scores, making them eligible for the ensembles," said Joseph Piccirillo, community relations director for Bayside High School. "It's very competitive. Thousands of students compete for it. It would be the equivalent of a sports player being named to an all-state team."

In the spring, both Kupferman and Shin performed solos for the state's School Music Association judges. On Aug. 24, they received letters notifying them that they would play with the ensemble.

The two musicians will be given music to learn on their own. On Nov. 29, they will perform in Rochester with all of the other students in the state who received perfect scores.

Piccirillo said he believed both students were considering careers in music. Kupferman was one of only seven french horn players in the state to be chosen for the ensemble.

"Brian has been playing with professionals for the past few years in different orchestras," Piccirillo said.


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