Wardrobe Kerplunk: Johnny Famous White Party

Your local editor has a true wardrobe malfunction

threw down a challenge to your local editor on Thursday evening.

JF is known on Bell Blvd. to be the home of the , which I'd sponsor a night out to get Douglaston and Little Neck editors Nathan Duke and Paul Leonard to confront.

Well, the place decided to up-notch the sophistication, and throw a Thursday night White Party.

The idea for me was to go, take photos, and meet jaunty Baysiders in white. But how do you dress for a white party in the winter? Thick, insulating materials like wool are hardly ever dyed true white.

The white after Labor Day rule was a hard-and-fast throughout the best part of the last century, maybe for practical reasons.

Photographic evidence suggests that Bayside is brave, and is not afraid of lace and cotton when the situation calls for it.

My wardrobe itself only has white linen dresses bought and better suited in the Mediterranean.

I took a crack at a concoction of grey and white textiles. The results are below for your review, Bayside. 

Do you think my anxiety that I would be pinched black and blue for not meeting color requirements was a sensible fear?

*I was not bold enough to find out. Please throw another party, Johnny Famous. I want to meet that bull on my own terms, in pastels. 


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