Touchdown! Local Sports Bars Rescued From Lockout

Local business owners and sports fans alike are breathing a sigh of relief after NFL players and owners reach deal over labor dispute.

Sports themed business owners in Bayside rejoiced as news of a resolution to a drawn out labor dispute between NFL owners and players were finally reached.

“It absolutely would have damaged my business,” said Steve Catalanotto, owner of  a popular destination for sports fans.

“A lot of guys come in here to watch games on our big screens. I think a lot of them would not have shown up,” according to Catalano. “It would have hurt somehow,” he added.

Many businesses in Bayside depend on the influx of sports fans during the football season to make their profit for the year.

Relieved owners are now bracing themselves for an exciting football season that may not have happened.

Sports bars like Brian were just as glad to hear the news. “We are very excited that the patrons are coming in to watch,” said Manager Connor McGuiness.

Hardcore football fans like Danny Veliz of Bayside couldn’t be happier. “What would we do without football season, where would we go?”

While players must still approve the new collective bargain agreement, the nearly 5- month lockout ended Monday afternoon when the NFL Players Association backed the highly anticipated deal.

NFL fans everywhere can rest easy.


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