Secret Sipper: Raspberry Wine At Daidokoro

Try it on Bell Blvd.

When you order a spicy sushi roll at , they aren't messing around—that stuff is hot. So naturally, you'll want a liquid accompaniment to the food.

While sake is always a fun and social drink that seems to pour itself in any company, I wanted to try something new. The extensive menu had something I'd never seen before: raspberry wine.

The label was Myungjak Bokbunja, a Korean wine.

Priced at $13.99, I couldn't tell from the restaurant's trendy atmosphere if that was by the glass or by the bottle. Using a little microphone attached inside the waitress' shirtcollar, she spoke to someone in the kitchen or at the bar to establish that it was a half-sized wine bottle of 375 ML.

It certainly was big enough to share, so with three small glasses, our entire table enjoyed. It looks a bit syrupy, and it was too sweet for one of my companions, but two of us thought it was just sweet enough.

I can't say I'm glad I tried it because, even though I did enjoy it, I subsequently discovered that on the winery's Web site that it is broiled with eel.

But for those more adventurous, who adhere to a different diet than I, it may be a novelty worth trying.


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