Bites Nearby: Santoor Grill

Local restaurant offering up authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices.

Anyone up for some Indian? Well Santoor Indian Restaurant—located just a stone's throw away in Glen Oaks shopping center—has got you covered.

With over 100 items on their menu, Santoor is serving up some of the most authentic Indian cuisine in Queens.

Known around town for gently blending the exotic herbs and spices of the orient, Santoor is probably most famous for its savory Tandoori oven dishes.

House specialities include chicken tikka masala (a delectable Tandoori chicken, boneless and simmered in a sweet pink tomato sauce), chicken pakora (batter dipped, deep fried chicken fritters made from white meat only), and shahjahni biryani (deliciously spiced saffron rice mixed with lamb, chicken and shrimp).

Plus with ample parking and elegant decor, what more could one ask for?

How about attentive service from an exceptional staff that delights in bringing patrons a memorable dining experience, and a full service bar ready to make a variety of scrumptious tropical mixed drinks upon request.

Not to mention a 16 to 22 course lunch buffet that’s served seven days a week.  

Santoor Indian restaurant is located at 257-05 Union Turnpike in Glen Oaks. To make reservations call (718) 343-3939.


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