Anonymous Neighbors Still Complaining About D'Amico's Coffee Smell

Fans of the 64-year-old roastery suggest selling t-shirts, or putting out a donation jar to pay fines.

Last month, an anonymous neighbor of ground coffee at D’Amico Foods, on Court Street, and now Gothamist reports that the roast bean-hater is at it again with another complaint to 311.

According to the blog, after another anonymous 311 complaint last week, a Department of Environmental Protection agent paid D’Amico another visit, though luckily the more than six decade-old roastery escaped without a summons.

Patch contacted D'Amico Foods to hear their reaction to the second complaint.

"How am I feeling? To be honest with you, the first time it didn't bother me so much," said Joan D'Amico, who runs the business with her husband Francis D'Amico. "But now that this person made a second call, I'm a little annoyed. I put a sign in our window, asking for the person to come talk to us. 'We are willing to work with you.' And they didn't. Instead, they placed a second phone call. So I was a little ticked to say the least."

Gothamist also reported that unrelated to the 311 complaints, D’Amico still has plans to move their roasting operations to a new location in Red Hook, though will roast small batches at the Court Street store just to keep the tradition alive.

"We are expanding, so we're looking for another location," D'Amico confirmed to Patch. "My husband has started another wholesale business. The store would still stay here. We're not going anywhere. But if we get the location we want, then the majority of the roasting would take place there."

In the meantime, D'Amico said the store has taken some cautionary measures in approaching their roasting schedule, checking the weather more often and not roasting for long periods at a time.

"Some customers have suggested getting t-shirts, we haven't decided on that yet," D'Amico said. "Another one insists that we put a jar on the counter to accept donations should we get fined. Every time he comes in and buys coffee, he leaves change behind for that."

According to on the shop, D’Amico’s is a third-generation family business that all started when Emanuele D’Amico came to Brooklyn in 1925 from Palermo, Italy, setting up shop at 309 Court Street in 1948, with nothing more than “an old-fashioned coffee roaster machine and your standard grocery items lining wood shelves.”

Stay with Patch for updates.

Phil March 27, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I love D'Amico, that great roasty smell included. Taking your neighbors for what they are is part of city life. That's especially true when they were there first.
Giacomo March 28, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Anthony, my wife and I almost spit our D'Amico's coffee out with that comment! Laughed are Brooklyn lovin heads off....but you hit the nail on the head. We were in that great produce store by Winn yesterday and a mother asked her 4 year old how many Kiwi's "we" should buy? The kid said 3, and Mom said how about we get 4 and he said NO! And she said are you sure? So she walked away and said is there any other fruit "we" should get? What a race of self centered monsters are being raised....I wonder if she taught him now to dial 3-1-1 yet?
Anthony March 28, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Glad I can provide a laugh for you and your wife. I have seen your story play out so many times on Court Street. A mother was allowing her child to walk without any shoes last summer. She asked him, "Do you think it's time to put your sneakers on?" The kid didn't just say no, he shouted at her. The mother took it and went about her business like it was nothing. Are you serious? It's terrible.
Louise June 19, 2012 at 02:09 AM
They talk to these kids like they know what they are saying..the kid could be 18 months and the nerdy father is asking the kid "So do you want to go to the park now/" Yesterday we were on Court St and this kid was on his scooter. He had to be about 3, he went into the street. The mother stood there trying to convince the kid to get on the sidewalk. The father wasn't saying anything and the kid was throwing up his arms and stamping his feet. This is how they are raising these kids to not have respect for them and anyone else. They feel they should have their own mind and be their own person. Wonder where they were raised...
helen July 02, 2013 at 02:57 PM
I will always remember the smell of coffee roasting from D'Amico. It brings back so memories. These yuppies move in and take over. They need to go live in Manhattan.


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