Weekend of Dec. 31: Five Things You Need To Know Today

A weekend roundup of local news.


Greetings friends of Little Neck. It’s finally the end of 2011. I shed a tear as we look back and reminisce a long and hard year. It’s okay to feel a little melancholy. But let’s leave on a positive note.

There are many movers and shakers making a difference to ensure that this community remains a great place to live and raise a family. Let us thank them.

Volunteer organizations and a multitude of service groups in and around Little Neck maintain a strong selfless commitment to the neighborhood. Let us thank them. They make this place worth fighting for.

As our service members come home from war, and our first responders keep us out of harms way, let us thank them. They are the pillars of society.

For their service - I salute you.

It’s never too late to get involved and grow your roots in Little Neck. Patch is your portal to local news, and you can use it as a gateway to everything the neighborhood has to offer. Or on the flipside, places and causes where your help and input could be needed.

My advice for the New Year is to be extra neighborly (not that you weren’t already). All too often we forget that neighbors are a community’s greatest assets.

They are eyes on the street, they watch your car, they know who shouldn’t be on the block, and sometimes they’ll even hold on to your packages for you until you get home.

Reach out and just say thank you.

May the New Year find you happy and surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Here are Five Things you need to know today:

1. If your enjoying spirits for the evening, be sure to call a . If you have company at home, call a for them too.

2. Tony Avella is always making streets safer. will help keep kids safe in Little Neck.

3. Help us select the in the neighborhood.

4. Remember when the Mets won in ’86? See the exclusive .

5. Hungry on New Years day? Find out what’s in Little Neck.

Gerald Cymbalsky December 31, 2011 at 03:49 PM
STAR tax exemptions filling close Jan. 03 deadline. Co-ops get it too. If you did not get an automatic transfer from the previous owner of your co-op, your co-op might be keeping this money. Make sure you apply and ask your co-op management about it, but do not trust them if they say you do not get it.


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