Trashy Bayside and Meteor Shower

January 2-8, 2011

What a funny week, Bayside. Everything seemed to have an ironic bent, especially . Let's review, shall we:

1. Bayside was , as the Department of Sanitation was so busy playing catch up on snow removal, that they suspended trash pick-up, which hadn't happened since before Christmas, until Jan 4.

2. I spy an alleged Sanitation slowdown. Mayor Bloomberg announced this week that he has emplaced plows to monitor their movement on city streets. This before another snowstorm was set to hit, which turned out to be a dud.

3. Saturday Night Live did an opening sketch that satirized Bloomberg's response to the blizzard. It was 4 plus minutes of side-splitting, head-shaking funny. 

4. The Battle of Bayside this week, as they beat Bayside High in boys varsity basketball.

5. There was another astrological happening that drew a crowd to observe in Bayside, this time a instead of a .


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