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This week's comments come from a story on La Botega closing.

Every Sunday, Bayside Douglaston Patch will post a roundup of the week's best comments from our readers.

This week's comment came from the story, "Bell Boulevard's La Botega Closed."

Reader Karen Califano wrote, "Probably couldn't pay the rent. The place was not very busy most of the time. Food was OK, but kinda pricey for lunch. The thing is, on Bell Boulevard, there are already a ton of restaurants and to 'make it' in this economy, they have to come up with something different, with good food at decent prices or people will not frequent these establishments."

And reader Phil Konigsberg wrote, "I can suggest why they closed, based on an experience we had about a year ago. I'm surprised they stayed open until now! Six of us went there for dinner on a Saturday night last winter. We asked to be seated in the back of the restaurant dining room where there would be more room than up front, but saw nobody else seated - a sign of things to come. We noticed that it was very cold in the room and asked our server if he could turn up the heat a bit when he came over to take our order. Then, three of us were advised that they were out of the entree on the menu that we requested...

The icing on the cake came when I asked for a cup of coffee and the milk they served for the coffee was bad and curdled up when I poured it into the cup of coffee. When I called the server back to let him know that I needed a new cup of coffee with fresh milk and showed him why, he got upset and said "they just bought the milk today" as if that mattered to us."

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