Reader Comment of the Week

This week's comments were from one reader on two different stories.

Every Sunday, Bayside Douglaston Patch will post a roundup of the week's best comments from our readers.

This week's comments both came from reader Phil Konigsberg from two different stories.

The first came from the story "Report: Cuomo to Launch Medical Marijuana Initiative in New York."

He wrote, "If New York State eventually approves medical marijuana, then the use of the drug should be limited to being administered in edible, drinkable, topical or other desirable forms - but not by being smoked."

And for the story "Weather: Cloudy with a Chance of Crazy," he said, "Without question climate change/warming is a major concern that needs to be reckoned with and as long as we have naysayers in our government like Congressman Michael Grimm in Staten Island and Oklahoma US Senator James Imhoff, to name two that come to mind, we will be experiencing more devastating climate extremes in the future. Term limits for federal electeds may be an option to consider."

Agree? Disagree? Start the discussion in our comment section below. And drop by Patch on Sundays to find out which stories are drawing the best comments from our readers.


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