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This week's comment came from a story on CB 11 approving a variance for an auto repair shop in Bayside.

Community Board 11
Community Board 11
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This week's comment comes from the story "CB 11 Approves Auto Shop Variance, 111th Spokesman Talks Crime Stats."

Reader and CB 11 member Henry Euler wrote:

"My civic raised several concerns at the meeting, since the site is within our civic boundaries. They included not only the concern over the expired certificate of occupancy, but also the hours of operation of the business, the display of racks of tires in front of the business during the day, the storage of old tires in the northwest corner of the property out in the open continuously and the color of the exterior of the building.

The board addressed all of those concerns, except for the exterior color, in conditions placed in the variance that was approved. Because the board did address the majority of the civic's concerns, I, as a member of the board, voted in favor of the application. The civic will continue to voice our views on this application when the ULURP process continues to the Borough President's hearing and the hearing at the Board of Standards and Appeals."

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Denise Weber December 09, 2013 at 11:39 AM
My concern is that on Main Street all the Asian signs are daglo which is very distracting when your trying to read or look for an address while riding in your car. There should be a limit to what kind of signs are being used and if people from other countries want to open up a business they need to follow our country rules to show and prove they want to live here like Americans. We do like different customs and cultures but we do have our guidelines that need to be respected.


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