PHOTO: Rainbow Colors Sky Over Bayside

After a mix of sun, rain and clouds Sunday, the skies gave way to a spectacular light show.

Fabled pots of gold aside, witnessing a rainbow is a marvelous experience. The occurrence on Sunday evening had many New Yorkers posting their photographic evidence on various social media outlets. This photo was taken on Northern Blvd., by a reader who preferred to remain anonymous.

A rainbow forms from the path of a ray of sunlight through a single raindrop. According to the National Weather Service:

As light enters the raindrop, it is refracted (the path of the light is bent to a different angle), and some of the light is reflected by the internal, curved, mirror-like surface of the raindrop, and finally is refracted back out the raindrop toward the observer.

Feel free to upload your own rainbow shot if you snapped one.

Harriet Brown June 05, 2012 at 06:18 PM
It was beautiful.


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